The 25th Anniversary Feast of Fields

07 Sept 2014

"For 25 years Organic Advocates has been promoting organic agriculture, putting chefs and farmers together raising awareness about organics to the public and helping finance organic projects. In that time frame, organic agriculture has become the fastest growing segment of the industry and the public has become very aware of organic products which can now be found in most grocery stores. We have expanded our mandate to also help promote environmental concerns, local and sustainable agriculture and a healthy life through eating organic foods."

"As a chef, Feast of Fields has always been my favourite food event. The site at Cold Creek Conservation Area is a beautiful outdoor setting. The ambiance of the place enhances the experience of tasting delcious organic foods, prepare in innovative ways. There is a relaxed ease to the day - there is time to chat with a farmer, and taste some wonderful produce, or learn about the latest solar power systems. You can sample local and organic wines, while talking to the wine maker about their passion for their newest wine. There are micro-breweries, organic coffee and tea, as well as delicious desserts. When it's all over, you feel full, relaxed, happy, and can't wait for next year!"

Daniel Gilbert, Organic Advocates President.

Organic Advocates: A History

Organic Advocates/Feast of Fields was established in 1989 by chefs Jamie Kennedy and Michael Stadtlander, and other like-minded professionals. We are a non-profit organization of organic producers, environmentally concerned chefs and other food professionals, and enlightened consumers.

Our mandate is to promote awareness of the environmental and human benefits of organic agriculture; to increase both co-operation and market relationships between organic producers, interested food professionals and consumers, to establish links with other environmental organizations with the intention to furthering public awareness of the importance of organic agriculture, and to support organic projects and events.

Some of Our Proudest Achievements

  • - Hosting the Feast of Fields event for 24 successful years.

  • - Publishing The Organic Gourmet, our extensive cookbook to celebrate Feast of Fields 10th anniversary

  • - Publishing two editions of the Consumer's Guide to Eating Organics, a directory of Ontario organic farmers, what they produced and where to buy their organic products, as well as stores that sold and restaurants that served organic fare.

  • - Establishing Toronto's first organic farmer's market in 1989, which became a place to shop and exchange information with like-minded organic advocates.

  • - Funding of a cable television program about organic agriculture called "Field of Greens".

  • - Each year a significant donation is made to an ecological group or organization to promote sustainable, organic agriculture. Past recipients have included: The Ecological Farmers Association, The University of Guelph Organic Agriculture Program, York University and Seeds of Diversity.

  • - Designing and building "Children's Organic Garden" at the Cold Creek Conservation site, in 2010.

  • - Designing and building the yet to be named "Pavilion" at the Cold Creek Conservation site, in 2011.